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Croatian islands cruising

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: from € 749
  • Nearby airports: Zadar; Split

- Sailing gloves​

- Sun block and hat


- Tennis/sailing (white sole) shoes

- Towel

- Waterproof clothing (in case of =bad weather)

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€ 749
Product: Sail to the Elafiti Islands (Croatia)
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Start: Murter
End: Murter

Join an experienced Croatian captain and take on a sailing cruise to and around the beautiful Elafiti archipelago. It's as if time has stopped here – there are no cars and no pollution. The Elafiti islands are islands of unseen beauty, the eternal guards of the Dubrovnik Sea and coast, and the mooring point of fearless captains and sailors from the old Dubrovnik Republic and Dubrovnik today.

The experience is organized under the auspices of Zivko, a Whitbread '92 race participant who runs a small school manned by local sailing enthusiasts and equipped with eight 33 – 36ft sailing boats.

For enjoyment and safety it is vital that all participants have the required sailing experience.

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Generally April, June and July.


Enquire with us and let us know your date preferences.


We will do our best to meet your schedule. 

Sail to the Elafiti Islands

Where in the world is this?

Kornati Islands, Croatia

Kornati Islands, Croatia

Start/End: Kornati Islands, Croatia Nearby airports: Zadar (ZAD) Split (SPU) Low cost airlines: Ryanair (ZAD) German Wings (ZAD, SPU) Danube Wings (ZAD) EasyJet (SPU) Air Berlin (SPU)



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