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Live like a Gaucho in Uruguay

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: € 210
  • Nearby airports: Montevideo, Foz do Iguazu, Porto Alegre

Recommended equipment:

- Comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoors

- Hat

- Sunglasses

- Sun block

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Tacuarembó, Uruguay

Tacuarembó, Uruguay

Tacuarembó Nearby airports: Montevideo (MVD) Foz do Iguazu (IGU) Porto Alegre (PGP)

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€ 210
Product​: Living like a Gaucho (Uruguay)
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Start: Tacuarembó
End: Tacuarembó


This experience offers a unique chance to spend an outdoor holiday on a  working 600 hectare estancia (ranch) in northern Uruguay. If you seek a few days of thorough relaxation with mother nature then come here!

You will live in the home of the friendly estancia operator, Pedro and his wife Nahir, who operate this family ranch which has hundreds of animals including cows, sheep, horses, ostriches and dogs. You will find that time has its own calming pace here and you will easily get used to it!

Take a horse ride around the ranch with Pedro to check all is well with the animals, spot birds and enjoy the scenery. If you are interested, you can learn about other ranch activities such as milking the cows or watching Pedro portion the sheep that is slaughtered for the household kitchen. Alternatively enjoy walks on the grounds and time with the hosts. You will be attended to in a personalized way by Pedro and Nahir who will serve you four traditional meals a day prepared with love. Evenings are spent sitting and story telling around fire while sipping mate (the local tea). Simply great times!

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